Music streaming is broken

So we built the music streaming platform of our dreams

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Artists earn a fraction of a penny for every stream, which doesn’t reflect the value you create with your work. It’s time for something better. Co-founded by DJ/producer TOKiMONSTA, Sonu is an artist-centric streaming platform that tilts streaming economics back in your favor. We connect you with the superfans and collectors who want to support your growth so you can keep more of the value you create with your music.

More ways to earn

There are two ways to earn on Sonu: you earn per stream based on the song’s pro-rata share of total streams, and by selling songs that split streaming rewards with their owners.

Capitalize on your creativity

Why wait? Unlock latent value in your catalog by earning streaming rewards and selling songs — without cannibalizing other revenues or giving up your rights. It’s a whole new way to capitalize on your creativity.

Direct support from your superfans

Fans that collect your songs are your ride-or-dies, since there can only be one owner of a song at a time. You know exactly who they are; it’s the purest connection point to your fiercest fans.

How it works


Independent artists can upload their music here. For everyone else, check to see if we work with your distributor. If not, tell them to support Sonu!


Verify your songs on the platform so that they’re eligible to earn Sonu streaming rewards.


Once your music is published, you can start claiming your streaming rewards. These pay out every month via your Artist Dashboard.


To unlock the full value of your song, schedule it for auction. Once it’s live, fans and collectors have 24 hours to bid. You can set a minimum price and try again if it doesn’t sell the first time. This is totally optional; all published songs still earn streaming rewards.

Artist FAQ

Does Sonu work with existing agreements?

We do! Sonu plugs into your existing agreements with distributors and labels.

How often are the payouts for streaming rewards?

Every month to start and then roughly every two weeks as the platform grows.

Do I have to sell my songs to earn on the platform?

Nope! As long as you’ve published your songs to the platform, your songs will earn their pro-rata share of streaming rewards on Sonu.

How does Sonu make money?

We take a 7% transaction fee on every song sold. This is then split into two buckets: 2% for Sonu and 5% to fund the streaming rewards pool.

Does selling a song on Sonu affect other revenue streams?

Nope! When you sell a song on Sonu, you’re sharing 70% of the streaming rewards on the Sonu platform, nowhere else. This allows fans to support the artists they love without affecting existing revenue streams.

Have more questions? Spin over to our FAQ or sign up for one of our Artist Workshops.

Better music streaming for everyone.